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Zylon Software Australian web developers


We have the skills and expertise needed to tackle a wide range of projects from enterprise SaaS to small-business websites.


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Web Apps

Using a MEVN stack there is very little we can't do when it comes to building Web Apps.

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Data excites us, we enjoy building robust back-ends and integrating APIs.

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We can design and develop simple to complex websites with our eyes closed.

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Lightning-fast, functionally beautiful websites

Websites that blow competitors out of the water

Tired of the limitations with drag-and-drop website builders? Our websites are built just as quickly and offer a lot more, with none of the limitations.

VueJS Performance Injected

We stick to what we know best, VueJS front-end development for insane website speeds

Custom Designs

Whether you have a design already or you want us to design it, we'll make sure it stands out

Free Hosting

We deploy to Netlify Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the fastest infrastructure that's also free

Self-Manageable or Paid Maintenance

Can we maintain the content for you? Sure. Can we make it self-managable? Definitely

API Consumption

Saw some data on the web you want to show on your website? We can consume APIs with ease

Sample Work

See what we did for one of our favorite local cafe's

Zylon Products, Grooma and GetOrders


We are also working on exciting IPs internally

GetOrders Platform

GetOrders is a restaurant platform with real-time online ordering using Stripe Payments. Competitors include UberEats and MenuLog.

Released January 2022.

Grooma Marketplace

Grooma is a pet grooming marketplace where businesses can advertise their pet grooming services. Competitors include Gumtree.

Released April 2022.


Lando.AI, a web app utilizing GPT-3 for Deep-Learning AI.

Scheduled for release in 2023.

About Zylon Software


At my company, we believe in providing cutting-edge technology solutions that enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition. In other words, we don't skip on the stuff you can't see in the back-end, everything we do is a custom implementation of the best technology available.

Leon Andov, CEO at Zylon Software

100% Australian Developers

Zylon Software is Autralian owned, and has been operating from the Gold Coast, Queensland since 2020. We are different from most other Software companies by strictly doing our development in-house, we do this to protect our most important value: transparent communication.

Other qualities that separate us from the other developers you are looking at include our obsession with high-performance websites, our security commitments to your data, our passion for keeping things simple and finally our feedback-driven approach.

Our feedback-driven approach to all our projects keeps you not only posted, but involved as much as reasonable in the process. Our goal goes beyond making the final product be what you were after, we try to make it the best it can be.

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