Frequently Asked Questions

Zylon operates with full transparency in mind toward all clients, future and current. To honor this commitment, below you will find our most frequently asked questions, including the elusive pricing model that seems to almost be a trade secret to most other vendors. We hope you will find these answers beneficial in your decision making process.

Pricing model

Most vendors choose to hide their pricing model to the public, usually because their pricing strategy is so complicated and over-protective of their interests you would need half a dozen lawyers to decipher and negotiate the proposed contract..

Our commitment to transparency and honesty in how we operate means we are nothing like these vendors.

The big scary numbers

Our pricing strategy is based upon trust between you and us, and follows a broader time and materials (T&M) pricing model.

Our projects carry a 25% deposit and we bill every second week for the accumulated daily services of resources spent on your software. Currently, we have two resources we bill for: designers and developers.

Developers are billed at $1,000 AUD per day of work, where we define a day as 7.2 hours averaged over a fortnight.

Designers are billed at $700 AUD per day of work, they are usually not required for the majority of a project.

Project managers, QA engineers and software testers are not billed explicitely.

All logged days of work come with detailed information about what was being developed when and how long it took. We take this white-box approach because if we were in our client's shoes, we too would want to be confident in our vendor's transparency.

In the end what matters to us most is the mark we leave on the work we complete. A super successful project to us is one that is completed earlier and below initially estimated budgets, all while maintaining a high standard. A happy client throughout & at handover is worth more to us than a dragged-on project that gave us another 20 billed days of professional labour with no hopes of a continuing relationship.

Small businesses

For small business owners, rest assured our pricing is beyond competitive when one considers we are capable of delivering small projects in turnaround times in the days, not weeks. For perspective, know that what a Zylon dev can do in a day with Vue, a typical PHP developer could take over a week to mimic (that's not even taking into account the foundations for future dev work for changes / upgrades).

How long does development take?

Without a detailed project brief that in itself can only give a guided estimate, it is unfortunately impossible to state exactly how long any software development will take.

If you are ever given an exact estimate to the nearest day (small business projects excluded), it would be in your best interest to reconsider a different vendor as you are being either lied to, or they have a crystal ball stashed in their office. Even if your project is 95% identical to a product the vendor has previously built, their estimate is still just that, an estimate.

Too many variables are at play for exact estimation to be given in software development, the biggest is changes to the specification / requirements throughout the project.

Do you outsource any development oversea?

No, to maintain our commitment to quality, transparency and communication, all our development is in-house and happens in Australia.

Will I have rights to the code upon completion?

Yes, you will have full rights to all proprietary software you build through us.

Do you also offer React services?

Unfortunately not, we are a software team specialising in Vue.

Do you offer Vue-Native services?

Not at this stage, we are interested in offering Vue-Native based app development services in the near-future however.

How can I keep project costs as low as possible?

This is a complex question, but in an ideal world the best way to keep your project costs as low as possible is to have a pre-designed product in hand (UI/UX) with a very clear set of specifications and requirements. That way, you have little need for our designers and our estimates are as accurate as they will ever be, and the most volatile factor in software development, change of requirements, is reduced in risk.

US vs U.S.

The majority of software vendors globally can be found in areas across western Europe, south-east Asia and of course, the United States. The cost of service varies greatly across the globe, however it is safe to assume the most expensive & well-known vendors operate across the US east & west coast. Their services are often asociated with premium quality, and we do not contest this, however we are not fully convinced the cost of their services are always the best bang for your buck.

The reality with US vendors is, they charge more than anyone else; partly because their devs can have average salaries well above $200,000 AUD depending on location. Put the needs of the business into the equation and you may find yourself quoted two to five times the service cost of Australian counterparts, and well above 10 times the service cost of Asian vendors.

In the end you may be paying a premium for essentially the same service we provide: clean software built with clear and effective communication

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